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As a software developer or tester or also as user, you probably need to do screenshots often. Greenshot is my choice.

It has got all you’ll ever need from a screenshot tool:

  • It’s got all the various input regions: region, window, screen, last window. And all are preset to sensible hotkeys like print, alt-print and so on
  • The screenshot may be saved automatically to a predefined directory with a preconfigured name. The name can include the current year, day, month, hour, minute, second, the window title, an incrementing number and others.
  • Additionally to save the screenshot automatically, it can open an editor automatically. Or it can copy the picture to the clipboard or open it in MS Paint or open your email program and attach it. Or all of it together. I use Open in Greenshot Editor and Save immediately.
  • Very fine is the built-in image editor, which allows to change things immediately after you’ve created the shot. It has got the tools
    • text marker
    • freehand and straight line drawing
    • obfuscate parts of the image by pixelating
    • add textboxes, arrows, rectangles, …
    • crop
    • and more
  • You can print your screenshot with sensible options: shrink to fit page, enlarge to fit page, center, print date time at bottom, print with inverted colors. Somebody has really put some thought into this.
  • You can add a waiting time before the screenshot is made. This feature is indispensable if you need to do a screenshot with an opened menu or a tooltip or the like.
  • With MS Internet Explorer, Greenshot can do screenshots of web pages that do not fit on a screen. I needed this feature and this is the feature that made me switch to Greenshot.

2 thoughts on “Greenshot Screenshots

  1. Team, I am in need of an urgent help…I need to take screenshots automatically rather than clicking on the Hot Keys like Print scree. Kindly let me know if u have a script like that.

    • Hello Monisha, a solution for your problem depends much on what you want to do exactly.
      * How many screenshots per minute do you want to take.
      * How many screenshots do you want to take in total?
      * Which quality do the screenshots need to have?
      * Maybe you need a screen video?
      * Or maybe you just want to report some problem? Then I’d recommend the Problem Steps Reporter. It takes screenshots automatically.

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