How to Find a Deactivated Task in Win 10 Task Scheduler

It is easy to deactivate a task in Win 10 TaskScheduler. But it is hard do activate it again. Because if you don’t know in which folder of Task Scheduler it resides, you can’t find it anymore.

So, if you – in the moment you deactivated the task – didn’t even realize that a task in the scheduler is in a folder or you didn’t remember or write down the folder, you have to do this:

In an elevated command shell, type the following; it writes all tasks, including the deactivated ones, into file 1.txt.

schtasks /query > 1.txt

Then open the file 1.txt in an editor and search for your task. When you’ve found it, look for the folder it is in and then in the Task Scheduler select that folder in the left pane. Then all tasks in this folder should be shown in the upper section of the middle pane.
There you can select the task and activate it by clicking activate in the right pane.

By the way, on some systems it is not easy to find the task scheduler at all. If you have no start menu entry for it, you can find it always under Computer management/Task scheduler or in german Computerverwaltung/Aufgabenplanung.