Important Android Apps

I’m the owner of a Honor 5C, which is a really good smartphone. These are the apps I’m using all the time:

  • Whatsapp
  • Krono Stopwatch & Timer: It can remember several different timers, it is free, free from ads and it does not want to have unneeded rights. Perfect. It really is called Krono, not to mix up with Kronos.
  • Realcalc: A perfect calculator, looking exactly like the real LCD calculators of the nineties. Has got all scientific functions you’ll need and additionally hex and binary numbers. Free and ad free and does not want unneeded rights.
  • Antons Kalender-Widget: This is a widget which can be put onto the home screen where it shows your calendar entries. Very useful.
  • Wetter- & Uhr Widget. A widget which shows the current and forecasted weather. Not bad, but sometimes even the current temparature is way off the real values.
  • aCalendar: The best calendar app I’ve found so far.
  • Datensicherung: Huawei’s own backup program. Good. It can be used to transfer all your data from older smartphones to newer ones, too.
  • EmotionUI: This is not an app, but Huawei’s own UI. All Huawei and Honor smartphones come with the EmUI. I love it.