Serverless Version Control System with Repository on Fritz-Nas

I’ve got a Windows laptop and a Linux workstation and I like to work on both of them, sometimes on one, sometimes on the other. Also, I’ve got a Fritzbox 7490 which has got a small internal NAS drive, just big enough for my little repository.

SVN – didn’t work

So I went on and tried to create a serverless fsfs svn repository on the Fritz-Nas. It worked all well from my Windows laptop and I even could do a checkout on the Linux machine but I could not commit anything from the linux machine. Error message something like Can't open file '/server/svn/repo/db/txn-current-lock'. I tried two hours to fix this problem, but couldn’t get it to work. Probably you need to change some settings in the SMB-config file for the Fritz-Nas on the Linux machine. But many people on the internet do advise not to try such a setup at all. So, scrap it, no thanks.

GIT – no problem

After that I tried use git as repository. This is the first time I’m using git and everything seems to work pefectly out of the box. And git is similar enough to svn so that you won’t get too confused when coming from svn.