Simple Webservice Test Tools

  • Wizdl is a standalone tool which is not perfect but quite nice and usable. Does not need an installation, just run the wizdl.exe.
  • SOA Client is a Firefox addon which is also quite usable. Main negative point is, it adds an entry to FF’s popup menu. That is the reason why I deactivate it after having used it.

SOA Client and Wizdl stopped working

From 20 June 2017 on, the tools mentioned above stopped working with error messages like Unable to parse wsdl or similar. Therefore, I’ve evaluated more tools.

  • The Online Soap Client can parse my wsdl. Yippiiie. And it also can run functions in the remote web service.

Stuff that didn’t work

All of the following online tools did not work or didn’t help me.

  • IE itself is a bit of a wsdl test tool. IE can list all the methods. And you can call methods also, but only when IE is running on the same machine where the web service is running. This is not enough in my case.
  • An online solution at plumvoice. That online solution also gave me an error message like Unable to parse wsdl.
  • Online XML Validation does not find any error in the wsdl (which I got by copying it from Firefox SOA Client).
  • ValidWsdl is said to be another online solution, which can also validate the wsdl. It is not reachable.
  • is not reachable.

Stuff that might work

The following tools are mentioned often, but I didn’t test them.

  • webservicestudio seems to be quite old.
  • Storm has miserable reviews. E.g. they say it cannot handle characters beyond 127.
  • SoapUI seems to be overkill.

What’s going on? My own app still can contact the webservice and read the wsdl. Also the can read and parse the wsdl and call functions. Strange.