As you can see from my posts about password managers, I’m a bit paranoid with the internet.

One virus checker is not enough for me. Indeed, I let VirusTotal check every executable I download from the internet. VirusTotal uses 50 or so virus scanners and scans your file with all of them. You can upload files with a size of up to 64 MB.
It should be safer to let VirusTotal check your downloads than to trust your single anti virus software.

If we can trust VirusTotal, that is.

What is even better than using VirusTotal by uploading files to their web page is to install the VirusTotal Uploader on your PC.

The uploader has these advantages:

  • You get a popup menu entry Send to > VirusTotal.
  • Often, the uploader is much faster.
    Because before uploading the file, the uploader calculates a hash from the file and asks at home if this file has already been analyzed. If yes, your file needs not to be uploaded and not to be analyzed. The uploader then just shows the result. This is very often the case and saves you a lot of time when you don’t have a fast uplink.

The only disadvantage of the uploader: It can upload only files up to 32 MB.

The picture below shows a VirusTotal result page.

>VirusTotal Results

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