VS: Restore Missing Auto Window

Somehow, the Auto-Window in my MS VisualStudio 2005 vanished and I couldn’t get it back. MS says, it is available in the Debug/Windows-Menu. But it wasn’t for me. See this screenshot as evidence:


After some time of searching the web without success, I had the saving idea. So…

This is how to get back a missing Auto window in VS2005:

  • Make sure you are in debugging mode.
  • In the menu, select Extras/Customize.
  • In the upcoming dialog select category Debugging.
  • On the right, look for Auto and drag the icon to a toolbar and drop it there.
  • Close the Customize dialog.
  • Press the new button on the toolbar. It is only active, if you are in debugging mode.
  • Eureka! The Auto window is back!