About me:

My name is Andreas Wicker. I am a professional software developer since 1996 and I have got a diploma in physics. I live in Germany, near Karlsruhe.

I’m on Xing.


About 99 Developer Tools:

In this blog, I write about tools for software developers. I write about tools in a broad sense, including software, hardware, books, blogs, videos, philosophy, … in short, everything that makes me and you more successful as a developer.

I write about Tools with a big T… which means I write only about time-tested tools that I love, like and use myself. Which means also, you won’t find posts about the latest fad here. Only about stuff that’s really good. Or at least stuff of which I think it’s really good. I may be wrong sometimes. 😉 These tools may be old, years old; even decades old. Which are thousands of years, in internet time. It doesn’t matter to me. If they help me getting work done, I use them. Time-Tested Tools.

I hope to hear from you and your favourite tools.

Cheers,   Andreas

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