I’m a software developer, a chess player, coach and author and a member of Schachclub Ittersbach.


  • I am the maintainer of KeizerForClubs – a free software for managing club tournaments with the Keizer system.
  • I have written ChessKnocker or Schachspecht – a free chess tactics training software inspired by the woodpecker method.
  • I have contributed a tiny bit to LucasChess, Lucas Monge’s free swiss army knife amongst the chess programs. I recommend it.
  • I recommend the ChessVis app.


  • Do you like to have individual chess training lessons by an experienced guy? If you have got a Lichess-Rapid-Rating of below 1750 contact Alakaluf at Lichess. Very reasonable rates. 7 Euro/h. English or German.

Mate in One

Schachbär, die Schach-App für Anfänger bis DWZ 1500


Springergabel, die Springergabel-App für Anfänger bis DWZ 1800