Jetpack Markdown Replacement

In my blog I’ve been using Jetpack Markdown for years. But lately I had to move the blog to another system and then Jetpack Markdown was no longer available. WordPress says that’s the case because it violates some WordPress guidelines. Strange enough that it didn’t violate any guidelines for years. I assume the brightest of the WordPress developers introduced some new guidelines which made Jetpack Markdown unusable. WELL DONE WORDPRESS DEVELOPERS.

Now I’m trying the Markup Markdown plugin and until now it seems to work. Though I’m not too content. Main disadvantages, which are quite annoying:

  1. It seems not to be possible to preview changes of already published posts.
  2. The editor likes to mark some words or abbreviations in a rosy color.
    image with rosy text

Markdown cheat sheet

What Description Syntax
Headers h1, h2, h3 #, ##, ###
Emphasizing italic, bold *inline*, **bold**
Code inline, block ` <- that's a backtick, ~~~
Links link, image [title](, ![alt text](abcd.jpg)