Many Faces of Tclkits

Much information about different tclkits is found there:

What does my tclkit contain?

% info tclversion
% packages
invalid command name "packages"
% package names
rechan zlib tcl::tommath vfslib vfs::mk4 mk4vfs vfs Mk4tcl Tcl
# Not all packages are shown at first!  Only after trying to require an unknown package, 
# the package list is filled.
%  catch {package require thereisnosuchpackage}
% package names
Thread http tcl::tommath rechan opt tcltest mk4vfs vfs::zip vfslib msgcat 
registry zlib starkit Ttrace Tcl Itcl dde platform Mk4tcl vfs vfs::mk4

Claws Mail – an Ersatz for Thunderbird!?

It seems, they are currently destroying Thunderbird and it might be not long in the future when it is no longer usable well. I’ve been looking for an easy to use and stable mail client where the developers not constantly are changeing stuff just for fun and to annoy end users.

It may be that Claws Mail is an appropriate ersatz. Or maybe Sylpheed.

Both probably don’t support HTML Emails. Claws has a plugin that makes viewing HTML emails possible. It uses the Dillo-Webbrowser. That one is very light and small and fast but doesn’t support Javascript and maybe not all of CSS. But do you need such stuff in an email client?

Here some more info about claws in german

How to concatenate strings with GROUP BY while joining multiple tables in MS SQL SERVER?

It is quite complicated in MS SQL SERVER.

-- Use a Common Table Expression (CTE) to create a temporary table 
-- which is only valid for this query to join tables. 
WITH cte AS (
select a.Artikel, a.Name, lb.Menge, 
from Artikel a 
where a.SACHGRUPPENKLASSE like 'Ven%' and a.Name like '%2016%') 

-- Use a query with STUFF and FOR XML PATH on the CTE for concatenation

select t.Artikel, max(t.Name) Name
     , stuff( ( select ', ' + Platz
                from cte
                where Artikel = t.Artikel
                for xml path('') ), 1, 1, '') AS Platz
from cte t
group by t.Artikel

More about FOR XML PATH and STUFF on Stackoverflow, see 1st and 2nd post there.
And more on Sqlshack.