Ncftp Free Scriptable FTP Client

NcFtp has got free scriptable multi platform ftp clients which are developed at least since the year 2000. If you have to use ftp with scripts, give it try.
ncftpput, ncftpget and ncftpls will make your life easier.

How to Delete Files via FTP in a Script?

Sadly, there is no ncftpdelete or the like. But to remove files scripted via ftp from a windows machine, you can use the scripting feature of windows’ own ftp client.

First, create a text file called del.ftp with content like this:

delete dir/

Then run ftp -s:del.ftp. This will execute all the ftp commands in the file del.ftp.

edtFTPnet: A Free .NET FTP Library

edtFTPnet/Free is one of the most popular .NET FTP client libraries available today. Robust, fast and with an extensive API, it provides a solid foundation for developers who require FTP functionality in their .NET applications. Full source code is included.

Very good. Very good documentation also. I can truly recommend it.

Update (4 Nov 2017): Caveat The version edtftpnet-2.2.3 that I am using does not handle german Umlauts like ÄÖÜäöü in file names correctly.