LeechBlock is a Junkie’s Cure From Heaven

I have a problem. I’m a junkie. A news junkie.
Which means I can spent hours reading news pages and their user comments.

It is totally annoying. Especially, because in real terms, there are about only three different types of user comments. And if you have read one example of each type, reading any of those 9487 other comments is a pure waste of time.

Not enough, I also read the same news on different news sites. And again the same user comments. I hate it.

Now I’ve stumbled across LeechBlock. It is a plugin for Firefox with which you can block sites to your liking.

Installing it is done in seconds, and my first block set was set up in a minute or so. I’ve only read the blocking examples to set up my block set.

Now I’m self-restricted to 20 minutes of news sites per day.

Leechblock already saved me more time than I needed to install it and set it up. And I’ve installed it just today.

It is truly relieving.

The only problem is, it does not block as long as I only click on further user comments. Probably it cannot intercept JavaScript or so. I hope this will be fixed in a further version.

Until then, I’ve added the LeechBlock timer to my toolbar, so that I can see how much time I’ve left for news. I hope this timer will help me to discipline myself.