WordPress without Gutenberg

The wordpress developers have in their almighty wisdom introduced a new editor called Gutenberg. It is just rubbish and nobody wants it but the developers themselves.

A fork of WordPress has been created, called ClassicPress. Also there are plugins available with which you can disable the Gutenberg editor. The plugin called Classic Editor just disables Gutenberg and revokes the Classic Editor. It has got millions of installations already. For now, it works.

Fritzbox 7490 Info LED blinks

When you’ve got a new call on the internal answering machine of the Fritzbox 7490, the Info LED starts to blink. (It can also blink because of other reasons, which are not the topic here.)

To stop the blinking, you should listen to the call. But the blinking does not stop when you listen to the call from the Anrufe/Calls page, see first screenshot below.

No, you need to listen to the call from the Anrufbeantworter/Answering machine page to stop the Info LED from blinking. See 2nd screenshot.