A Tool to Shrink pngs: Pngquant

Sometimes it is needed or wanted to shrink pngs in file size. There is a fine tool for doing this and it is called pngquant. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android, as commandline utility or with GUI or as library.

With this tool, we could reduce our pngs of technical drawings to around one third of their former size with no visible difference.
Compare: above before shrinking, 149 kB, below after shrinking, 36 kB.

Markdown, a Tool for Writing Programmers

Markdown is a simple markup language with plain text formatting and a lot less use of angle brackets than HTML or XML.

  • Pandoc can be used to create HTML or nearly any other format you’d like out of markdown.
  • It can be written easily in a text editor like vi or notepad.
  • Unlike HTML, Markdown is well readable in the text editor.
  • So for programmers, it feels very natural to write stuff in markdown. In fact, I’m writing this blog in markdown, using the JP Markdown plugin for WordPress.
  • Here’s a link to a fine Markdown Cheatsheet, handling the Github-variation of Markdown.
  • This complete post including links, italics, bold and unordered list does not contain a single angle bracket.


How to Copy Settings of Double Commander to another Computer

  1. Under Configuration/Options/Configuration, if the location of configuration files is not set to user home directory, change it to user home directory. You may set this back afterwards.
  2. Check all the checkboxes under Save on exit
  3. Close Double commander. Only when closing, all of the configuration files are saved.
  4. All the config files are now in the user home directory, under doublecmd.
  5. Copy these files.

You can even copy the files from Windows to Linux.