LINQPad: Most Amazing Tool to do Database Queries, Learn .NET, LINQ and More

LINQPad is an amazing tool for .NET developers. Really, it is the best tool for .NET developers that I’ve ever come across – aside of VisualStudio. So it deserves well to be the subject of the first post in my blog about time-tested tools for developers:

99 Developer Tools

With LINQPad, you can

  • Run any C#, F#, VB code snippet you like, e.g. test regular expressions, …
  • Get information about the tables in your database.
  • Do database queries with LINQ query syntax.
  • See the result of the query nicely formatted in different ways.
  • See the Lambda code created by the compiler from your query code.
  • See the SQL code created from your query code.
  • See the execution time of  your LINQ query.
  • Do database queries with Lambda syntax.
  • Learn LINQ.
  • See dozens of examples of LINQ queries. Just select “Samples” in the lower left window of LINQPad, work through all the examples, and you’ve mastered LINQ 😉
  • If you forgot some keyword or some syntax, the “Samples” section is also good as a reference book for LINQ.
  •  Use a typed data context from your own assembly/EF, too. (I’ve not tried this out, yet.)



How to attach LINQPad to a SQLite database XYZ.db:

  • Download and start LINQPad. No installation needed.
  • At the top left, select “Add connection”.
  • View more drivers / IQ driver for MySQL, SQLite, … / Download & enable driver
  • Build data context automatically / IQ (Supports … SQLite)
  • SQLite
  • Browse / Location of database File / XYZ.db

What do you think about LINQPad? Are there similar tools that I should know of?